Mount Vernon

Moving south a little bit we booked a two-night stay at Pohick Bay Regional Park in Virginia. This allowed us to spend a day visiting George Washington’s Mount Vernon.

It took us several hours to tour the home, the visitor center, the museum, education center, theaters, walk the grounds, have lunch and stuff. Even though there were several tour buses and school buses there the facility is large enough that we were not crowded.


George, Martha, and Family

The tour of the mansion lasted about 20 minutes. The staff did a good job of handling the continuous line of people going through, there were tour guides in each area explaining things.  Had to turn off phones and cameras, no photography was allowed inside the mansion or the museums.



George Washington’s Mt Vernon


Mount Vernon Overlooking the Potomac River

After viewing the house we walked the gardens and grounds.


Gardens, Greenhouse, and Slave Quarters


George’s Ride

People quietly pay their respects where George and Martha are burried.


George and Martha Tomb


Slave Memorial & Burial Ground


Pohick Bay Regional Park, #65

  • Distance driven from our last stop: 35 miles
  • Lodging:  $98.90 for two nights
  • Admission: $38 (Senior price)
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