A Museum and a Walk

Yesterday, on the way to St. Marys, we stopped to see this submarine on land. It’s a full-sized Navy submarine at the gates to the Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base.


USS George Bancroft

When we got to St. Marys we visited St. Marys Submarine Museum. From the periscope we could see out to the marina where people were waiting to board the ferry out to Cumberland Island.


Up Periscope!

Lunch was at one of the nice restaurants, then a walk around the pretty little town. When we got back to the campground we went for a hike on one of the trails there. This boardwalk did have some damage in some areas when some trees fell on it during the Hurricane Matthew last month, but we were very careful and enjoyed it anyway.


Bay Boardwalk Trail

About half way along the 1.25 mile trail is this observation tower. Great for bird watchers.


Observation Tower

Today we drove over to St. Simons Island. There was a big arts & crafts show happening there. We enjoyed that and then took one of the narrated trolly tours that took us to various historic spots on the island.


Arts/Crafts Show

And then we spent some time walking around the Pier Village area and Neptune Park. The St. Simon Lighthouse is an operational lighthouse still.


St. Simons Lighthouse

While we were there we saw the big ship leave. This is the one we saw before that was docked at the Georgia Port Authority. Probably unloading new car imports. It is the Asteria Leader, a vehicles carrier currently flying under the flag of Japan.


Asteria Leader

  • Admission:  $10
  • Parking:  free
  • Trolly Tour:  $40
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