Alaska Bound!

And we’re off!

After a busy almost three months taking care of business in Minnesota we’re now headed for a two to three-month trip to Alaska.  We did have a last-minute fix-it for the Jeep (the toad) which cost us $900 just yesterday!  Whew! Glad it didn’t delay our launch.  Just looking on the positive side here.   And then there was a stop in St. Cloud for a $260 service appointment on the RV before we go.  Sheesh, what an expensive start!

First Stop: Walmart!

First Stop: Walmart!

After all that, we didn’t get very far, landing in Alexandria, Minnesota, only about 100 miles from home. 

  • Camping expense:  none
  • Gasoline expense:  none
  • Service fees:  too much
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Yeah! Now I get to go to Alaska with you!


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