What does it cost to full-time RV?  Many people are curious about this.  All I can say is that it depends.  Your cost for food would be the same as it is now unless you start eating in restaurants more often and varies by individual.  I will share with you here what we pay for lodging and for fuel.  Of course we move around a lot so our fuel will be a lot and we only get about 7.5 miles per gallon of gas with this motorhome.

We try to go on the cheap, finding free places to park whenever possible, which means frequent Walmart parking lots and some boondocking out in the desert.  State Parks and National Parks are usually very low priced places to stay. Passport America is a membership discount program that allows us to stay half price at many participating RV parks, it cost only $44/year and has saved us a lot of money. In 2014 we joined the Escapees RV Club which is another big cost saver for us.

Here are the financials for the last three years. Click the tabs below for each year.

2 Responses to Financial

  1. Melinda Shaum says:

    Hi, I just found your blog and am now going back to read all of your blogs. I enjoy reading your entries and thank you for your financial info, especially the line for Alaska. That is the #1 place I want to go, but it will have to wait another year. We have a 40′ Holiday Rambler Navigator that my husband and I love to travel in. We travel with our Maltipoo “Scampy” and Maltese “Daisy”. I retire from teaching soon, my husband is already retired and has a generator service/repair business to keep him a little busy. Thank you again and I look forward to reading more of your entries.


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