Wormsloe State Historic Site

A couple of miles from Skidaway Island State Park is the Wormsloe State Historic Site. This is what remains of the home of Noble Jones, one of the first settlers and a leading official in Georgia. The entrance arch has two dates engraved on it, 1733 to represent the year Noble Jones arrived in Savannah and 1913 the year the arch was erected.


Wormsloe Entrance Gate

The road from the arch to the ruins is lined with more than 400 live oak trees. These were planted by one of Noble’s decedents in the early 1890’s.


Live Oak Avenue

There is a parking area and a visitor center at the end of the tree lined avenue. We watched a 15 minute video of the history of the land and about who Noble Jones was. Then a short hike to the ruins and some other sites.


Tabby Ruins

The original family burial site is near by. Jones was buried here in 1775, as was his family. Their remains have since been removed to a cemetery in Savannah.


Gravesite Monument

The return trail to the visitor center leads to a Colonial Life area and living history camp.


Colonial Life Living History

The trail back was was pretty cool too.


Walking Trail


Cool Tree

  • Admission:  $18
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  1. cruiseplannersctwv says:

    Love that entrance gate. Cool place, great description and pictures.

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