A Little Maine Trip

The Brechtmobile has not been out since we returned from Iowa about two weeks ago. We have been busy acquainting ourselves with the ins and outs, doing some decorating and tweaking, getting our New Hampshire licence plates, and packing.

After living in a 34′ Class A RV for the last five years you would think I got this but it was hard deciding what I needed to pack for this smaller rig for a four day trip. Did I underpack? There is a lot of empty space yet.  We will see.

The NH/Maine border is only about two hours east of where we are in Swanzey, New Hampshire. We left around 9:00 AM and headed East stopping for coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts in Concord NH. Being able to park just about anywhere a car can park is such a treat! No more having to find a safe place to park, unhook the car, and then return and hook up again after. Which we wouldn’t have done here anyway just for coffee. Previously we would have just skipped it.


Coffee Time

So, refreshed, we continued Eastward. Our first stop was for lunch in York, Maine. Seafood was a must, so we picked Fisherman’s Dock. I had lobster stew, which was wonderful, and Bernie had the grilled salmon.


Lobster Stew at Fisherman’s Dock

After lunch we drove up the Atlantic coast to see what was happening.


York, Maine


York, Maine

It was a beautiful day, a Monday. The beach was packed with people, traffic was heavy, and there was NO parking for us, so we kept on going. We were also hoping to see a cliff walk that is supposed to be so beautiful but parking was by permit only (for the locals) and the public parking was filled up there too.

We have been here before but must have been at an off time because it was not like this.

We were able to find a place to park at the Neddik Lighthouse. This is a popular tourist stop with a small parking lot. A steady line of cars drove through the parking lot and right out again with no luck.


Cape Neddik


Neddik Lighthouse

We had enough of this so made our way to our campground reservation. Aaaahhh, relaxation.


Pinederosa Campground, #L7



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1 Response to A Little Maine Trip

  1. Ann Schde says:

    You’re starting a whole new way of relaxing and seeing the country 🙂 Instead of passing by those quirky out of the way places because it was too hard to find parking, or worry about low overhangs..you can just slide on in and enjoy ! Happy life to you both!


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