Skidaway Island State Park GA

Another nice sunny day.

Our time was up at the campground at James Island County Park by Charleston, South Carolina. So now we have moved south a bit to one of our favorite parks, Skidaway Island State Park at Savannah, Georgia.

Since we don’t usually make reservations when we travel we took a chance and managed to score four nights here. But that means that Thursday morning, Thanksgiving Day, we need to hit the road. So looks like our Thanksgiving Day Dinner will be out there somewhere. No worries, we’ll figure it out, we always do.


Skidaway Island State Park, Savannah, Georgia

When Hurricane Matthew hit this area the first week in October it did significant damage to this park. They were closed for a month while they did clean-up and repairs. Today they were hosting a Fall Family Food Truck & Fun Festival to celebrate the re-opening of the park.

By the time we got settled in and walked over to it things were winding down for the day. But we did get some lobster bisque, a pulled pork sandwich, and some hush puppies. Gotta love food trucks.


Fall Family Food Truck & Fun Festival at Skidaway


  • Distance driven today:  122 miles
  • Lodging:  $103.40 for the first three nights
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