Charleston Tea Plantation

Another beautiful sunny day.

The only tea plantation in North America is just south of Charleston, South Carolina.We went to have a look. There is a lovely gift shop with free tastings of a variety of teas. Their American Classic Tea is the only brand of tea in the world that is made exclusively with 100% tea grown in America.


Charleston Tea Plantation

A 45 minute trolley ride brings you around the tea fields and the greenhouse while the driver tells you all about the process. It was very interesting.


Trolley Tour

The tea is made from only the top few leaves of the bush. A one-of-a-kind machine they have there cuts off the tops leaving the bushes looking so flat. They usually have around 7 harvests every year.


Tea Field


Tea Harvester

Irrigation water is kept in a few ponds on the plantation. The driver said there are a few alligators in there. We did get a glimpse of one.


Irrigation Pond

After the trolley tour we saw the factory tour, a free self-guided tour viewing America’s only tea factory and the equipment used to make the tea. The plants are dormant this time of year so there is no activity now. But three TV videos explain everything.


Factory Tour

Besides their gift shop they sell their teas in 17 other states. But I don’t know what states they are. They will be happy to ship directly to you if you shop their web page:

Only a few miles from there is the Angel Oak. It could be 500 years old, or it could be 1,500 years old; nobody knows for sure. Anyway, it’s really old. And big! Considered to be one of the oldest living things in the country.


Angel Oak

And, after that, we stopped by a local Farmers Market before going home.


Farmers Market

  • Trolley Rides: $20 for two people
  • Angel Tree:  free
  • Farmers Market:  free
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6 Responses to Charleston Tea Plantation

  1. cruiseplannersctwv says:

    Great post. Very informative with great pics. I’ve been there and enjoyed it as well.

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  2. We’ve been to Charleston a few times and never visited the tea plantation. I just added it to my list of places to visit! Did they say where you can buy the tea?

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