My nephew, Alex, lives in Grand Forks, Minnesota.  We stopped to have lunch with him before heading on up to Canada.  He took us to his favorite pizza place, Rhombus Guys.  It was good, that’s for sure.  We enjoyed our visit, brief as it was.



Not long after that we arrived at the US/Canadian border. There was confusion at first as the signs indicated cars and pickups to go to the left lands and semi’s to the right lanes.  But nothing about big-ass’d RV’s.  Eventually there was another sign saying RV’s go in with the cars.  Something to remember for next time.

US/Canada Border Crossing south of Winnipeg, Canada

US/Canada Border Crossing south of Winnipeg, Canada

We had our passports, driver’s licenses, vehicle registrations papers, and proof of insurance all ready for them, but the Border Patrol Agent asked only for the passports.  He then asked us what seemed like 50 questions about who we are and what our business is in Canada and what we’re bringing in with us..have we ever had speeding tickes, do we have weapons with us or do we at our home in Minnesota, what do we do for a living, do we know anyone in Canada, been here before, when did we get our passports, and on and on.   We could see other vehicles in front of us, including a 20′ travel trailer, pulled to the side and “gone through”.  I did not want to do that!  Eventually he gave us back our passports and said “have a good trip,” and we were on our way.

Manitoba Welcome Center

Manitoba Welcome Center

Immediately beyond the border crossing was the Manitoba Welcome Center where we stopped for info and to exchange our currency.  Exchange rate is .9975

I just got a message from Verizon that I’m paying some very expensive roaming charges so I won’t be blogging so much while we’re in Canada unless I can find wi-fi.



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