Coolidge, Arizona

We said goodbye and packed up after a wonderful breakfast at Cheri & Phil’s. Oh my, what a beautiful 70 degree sunshine day.

One Big Cotton Bale
We headed west towards Tucson and Phoenix on I-10, stopping for gas at the Pilot station in Eloy, AZ.  We parked there for a bit and fixed a light lunch.  The price of gas has been pretty steady so far.  The Pilot station was selling regular for $2.85, but we have seen some other places over $3.  There is a lot of cotton grown here.  It’s been picked, and we see several large bales of cotton in the fields.

Indian Skies RV Park/Resort
After checking the Passport America directory, we decided to stay the night at Indian Skies RV Park in Coolidge, Arizona.  When we got here it is actually more a resort than a park.  Very nice. We look a little out of place in between the more permanent homes, but that’s where they told us to park.  We did see several other RV’s pull in after us too.  We are beginning to see more and more RV resorts and parks in this area.  Very close to Phoenix, where the snowbirds go.  Resorts are more for the long term snowbirds, RV parks are more for those just passing thru.  Indian Skies a mix of both.
While checking in at the office we noticed several plastic grocery bags filled with grapefruits.  They were free for the taking, so we took one bag.  Very nice, ripe, juicy. 🙂
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