Deming, NM

Before we left Mesa this morning I just had to get a picture of this cell phone tower.
This was a rest area at Texas Canyon in New Mexico.
We saw this at the Texas Canyon rest area.  It’s probably the biggest load I’ve ever seen.  Bigger than those wind turbine blades truck loads we see everywhere.  The truck parking section of the rest area was closed because this was parked there and took the whole area.  There were no people around so we couldn’t ask what it is.  It is amazing how they can get this up the hills in this area.  I wonder if they are waiting until the middle of the night so they can close the road to get it further down the way.

Tonight we are in Deming, New Mexico, in the Walmart parking lot.  There were seven RV’s in the lot when we got here, and I have heard more drive up.  I’ve seen the police drive by, and the Border Patrol trucks drive by, and the Walmart security car keeps driving around us.  I feel pretty safe, but it’s just kinda creepy.  On the other side of the parking lot there are eight semi-trucks parked waiting for a man in a small white car with “National Security” on it to check them out.  What’s that about?

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