Memphis, TN

Green Stuff!!!

This is the bridge over the Mississippi River and the Memphis skyline.

The free app I use on my smartphone has a bug in it…I think the gas prices it showed me yesterday for Minnesota were actually for diesel, not regular.  It did it to me again today.  Even so, it now shows regular gas anywhere from $3.08 to $3.19 in Minnesota.  But around here it’s $2.75 to $2.99.  And we have been burning a lot of it the last few days.

Our daughter, Teresa, drove down from Indiana to meet us in Memphis, Tennessee.  We are so pleased to have her with us for a while.  Tomorrow is her birthday, we’ll have to think of something fun to do.  We met up at a campground east of Memphis.  It’s not a great place, we need to find a new spot tomorrow.

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