The rain has stopped, the sky cleared, and the sun came out.  It’s still cold, and supposed to be a hard freeze tonight.  It’s strange hearing them say things on the radio like don’t go out, keep your pets inside, check on the elderly, opening up warming centers for the homeless, etc., it’s the big news all day.  It’s supposed to get down to +28F here in Gulfport tonight, colder in the northern part of the state.  I’m sure Minnesota wishes it would warm up to that!

The southern Mississippi dialect is quite distinct.  I could barely understand the lady at the visitor center as her accent was so thick, and the security guard sounded like Goober Pyle from Mayberry.  I couldn’t help but laugh when we were back in the car.  And now the campground host says to me: “you must be from up north, I can’t understand you.”  I thought that was odd since I could understand him just fine.

No pictures for the blog today.  We stayed in all day except we went out for lunch to a place called Martha’s Tea Room.  Food was fresh and homemade, very good, waitress was awesome, prices were high.

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