We decided to stay two more nights here at Gulf Island National Seashore since we like it and the weather is just beginning to warm up again.  There are some nature trails around the park, so we went for a hike around the Davis Bayou.  It was a perfect day for a walk, not too hot and not too cold.  The nature trail took us thru the woods and we could see so much of the damage that Katrina had done.  There are so many downed trees and tangled brush, yet we can see how the forest is recovering.
This park does not have a sandy beach but it does have a salt marsh.  This is where the fresh water meets the salt water.  The grasses act like a big water filter… and it’s where the aligators live.  We looked but didn’t find any gators.   We only saw a few birds and some turtles.
It was a nice walk anyway.  It’s great to be able to walk thru the woods and marsh areas and have NO BUGS.  We’ve hardly seen any bugs at all this whole time we’ve been traveling.  We went back to the RV.. and wouldn’t you know it… a wasp!  No clue where he came from!
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