Buccaneer State Park

What’s Left of the Water Slide

We were ready for a change of scenery so we moved almost two hours west to Buccaneer State Park at Waveland, Mississippi.  It is also right on the shore of the Gulf of Mexico, about an hour east of New Orleans, Louisiana.

All of the new utility boxes and transformers
are on raised platforms.
Buccaneer used to be a popular place, it contained a water park with a wave pool as well as a big water slide, pools, and concession stands.  Hurricane Katrina’s winds of 140 MPH and 28 foot tidal surge completely leveled all of Buccaneer’s 15 structures, support facilities, infrastructure and the water park. 
Even the office is half-elevated.
It has been under complete reconstruction over the last four years only opening for limited camping last summer.   Everything is brand new!  When completed, they will have a total of 276 campsites.  It’s pretty quiet here now, there are only 10 of us camped here today.
Elevated house inside the park.
Many many private homes are elevated
all along coast.
The French Buccaneer Jean Laffite and his followers used to hang out here in the 1700’s when they were active in smuggling and pirating along the coast.
Here’s where we are tonight.
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