Another Mardi Gras Parade

Another beautiful day for a parade.  There was a parade in Slidell, Louisiana, that we heard was supposed to be a good one, so we drove into Louisiana to see it.  We were there about three hours before the parade started and had no trouble finding a place to park along the parade route.  There were already lots of people parked and tailgating.  Some people went all out, setting up tents and tables and grills for their families. 

Apparently people used to go and park their cars up to three days before the parade was to start so the city posted signs saying they can park there no more than 12 hours before the parade. 

This parade was a little more traditional in style.  There were two marching bands, several dance groups and a few jump rope organizations as well as the Mardi Gras floats and beads tossing to hungry crowds.
Midway through the parade it just stopped, and everyone took a break.  The band members put down their instruments and sat down.  Some just laid down and rested, and the band director made everyone eat a banana and take a drink.
Two custom pickup trucks.
When the parade ended we sat and watched the traffic for a while.  We saw some interesting vehicles.

Just some of the beads we got today,
as well as the cups.

We scored almost as many beads as we did at the parade yesterday in Gulfport, MS, but this time we also captured two plastic Mardi Gras souvenir cups.  Woot! hahaha   


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