Mmmm Yummy

We are going to start gradually moving north now, hopefully get to Minnesota by the first of April.  Today we only went 30 miles, staying in Hammond, Louisiana, for the night.

For lunch we found a family restaurant in town.  The restaurant was nothing to brag about, but next door to it was a market that had locally grown produce and seafood.  We got some fresh picked strawberries, a bottle of strawberry cider, and some strawberry nut bread.

Crawfish Bread

One thing that got my attention was some hot Crawfish Bread they had on a warmer.  It looked much like pizza.  We loved it.  Imagine lobster pizza!   It had some zip to it because of the spices and peppers in with the cheeses and sauce.  Good stuff!

Alligator Meat

In the freezer section we found Alligator Meat.  We’ll take that back to Minnesota and figure out how to cook it up there.  We got a bag of frozen catfish too.  Catfish seems to be in every restaurant here in the south.  We hardly ever see any other kind of fish on the menus.

Up until now the only crawfish we saw in restaurants was in a soup or sauce.  The main season for crawfish is in May.  This little market place had a big tub of boiled crawfish, so of course I just HAD to buy some.  I asked the lady for just a handful.  She must have really big hands because I think I got at least a dozen in the bag.
We waited until we got back to the privacy of our RV before we were brave enough to eat the crawfish.  We didn’t want to embarrass ourselves if we reacted badly.  We took a big one and separated the tail from the head section.  The tail looked like a tiny lobster tail and we had no problem eating that.  It did taste like lobster. 🙂
But the head section was a little intimidating.  We knew you’re supposed to suck out the inside of the head but we were not very confident about that so we dissected it to see what was in there (sorry no don’t wanna see it anyway).  It just looked like gray mushy fish.  We tasted a bit of it before eating it.  It had been boiled in a spicy fish boil so there really was no yucky fishy taste like we thought it might be.  It’s best described as a kind of spicy mushy lobster taste.  I liked it, Bernie is not so sure.

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