Mississippi Great River Road, US 61

Purple Fields

We will be taking the Mississippi Great River Road  Scenic Byway from where we are now all the way to Minnesota for the rest of our trip. 

Tonight we are in Greenville, Mississippi.  On the way up here we noticed several farmer’s fields filled with purple.  It was beautiful, but in reality it is a weed.  It is one of the first signs of spring.

Another sign of spring for us is to see motorcycles.  Today we were passed by a heard of bikers. 

We stopped at a little town of Leland, MS, for lunch and just happened to park by a Jim Henson, (the creator of Kirmit the Frog and the Muppets) small museum so we had to go inside and check it out. it was free.  Jim Henson was born in Leland and lived there until he was 12 years old.  It was a fun and informative little stop.

The River Road Queen
Our next stop was at the welcome center.  This was originally named “The River Road Queen,” and is considered one of the 10 most unique welcome centers in the United States.  It was originally built for the 1984 World’s Fair in New Orleans, then relocated to Greenville. 
We are staying at a nice county park in Greenfield.  it’s very nice, lots of trees and about 60 campsites.  There was only one other RV here when we arrived, so we very carefully picked out just the right spot that gave us a nice view of the Mississippi River.  Soon after we got all hooked up and comfortable another RV arrived and…why did he have to pick the one spot directly in our view??  We watched while he backed in and (oops!) hit the water connection and broke it.  Water ran all over.  We watched while he went for help and it got repaired.  Is this Karma?
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