Memphis 2

We had to be out of the RV park by 11am so we moved it to a Walmart parking lot and took the car back into the city, returning to Beale Street.  There is a dry goods shop there that we were told was a “must see”.  We saw it, but were a little disappointed in it.  This time we had our lunch at Blues City Cafe, which is across the street from B. B. King’s restaurant.

Peabody Place

A few blocks up the street is the historic Peabody Hotel.  Attached to the hotel is Peabody Place, which is a shopping mall.  So sad, nearly all the shops inside are out of business.  We saw only one clothing store inside, that’s it, and the second level was roped off so we couldn’t even walk it.

Ducks entering the fountain
The Peabody Hotel is famous for it’s ducks.  Every day at 11am five ducks are escorted from their “duck palace” on the roof, down the elevator, and down a red carpet as music plays, to the fountain in the center of the lobby. Then at 5pm they are escorted back.  They are cared for and escorted by the “duckmaster “. 

In the fountain for 6 hours

View from the top of the Peabody
 After the duck attraction we went up to the roof to see the duck palace and to overlook the city of Memphis and the Mississippi River.

Where Dr. Martin Luther King was killed.
Then we hopped on the city trolley and took that to the Lorraine Hotel, the location where Dr. Martin Luther King was killed.  A wreath hangs on the railing by his hotel room.  The hotel is now a part of a big civil rights museum there.
When we got back to the RV we called the Tom Sawyer RV Park on the shore of the Mississippi River in West Memphis, Arkansas, that we had heard was a very nice place.  We got a recording that said they had lots of sites available and to come see them, so we headed across the big bridge over into Arkansas and found the park.. oops… a sign at the entrance said it was closed because of high water.  It was getting late so we found the nearest Walmart Supercenter and we are spending the night there.   Right now there are 6 other RV parked by us, there may be more later.

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