Caruthersville, Missouri

Lady Luck Casino

North we go, another 30 miles.  This time we are in Caruthersville, Missouri, a small town on the Mississippi River.  There is a small casino here and we had planned to stay in their RV park, but when we got there we found their park was closed because they are in the middle of building a new sea wall to protect the casino from the river and the construction equipment is in the way.  So..we’re dry camping in the back of their parking lot.  Will only be one night here, as we don’t get any TV signal and, well, we want that.  The building in the picture is actually the restaurant and administration, the actual casino is in an old river boat on the river behind this building.

I put one dollar in a 1 cent slot machine and it was gone in 60 seconds.

Roundhouse Restaurant
We didn’t eat here for lunch, we decided on a place in town.  The Roundhouse Restaurant.  It really was in a round building.  It’s been there for 40 years.  It’s old inside, but the food was good, home made and fresh and hot and not expensive. 
Lighthouse Water Tower
After eating we explored the town a bit.  One focal point is this old lighthouse water tower from 1909, no longer in use, but kept up.
Oh, and finally a nice warm sunny day!! woo!
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