St. Louis

St. Louis Gateway to the West

We’re in St. Louis now.  We wanted to stay at the RV park at a casino here, but it doesn’t open until Memorial Day.  I guess that means we’re in the north now????  Oh well, it warmed up to over 80 today, so we won’t complain.

The Metro Lite Rail

Even tho the RV park was closed, they let us dry camp in the back of the parking lot.  After a little gambling (just to make the casino management happy) we took the Metro Lite Rail for a scenic drive.  We rode it to the end of the line and back just for kicks.

Great Hall at Union Station

 We got off the Metro at Union Station and explored that a while.  It is a National Historic Landmark of “unsurpassed beauty and elegance”.  First opened in 1894 it was the largest and busiest passenger rail terminal in the world.

For my Smashed Penny Collection

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