La Grange, Missouri

Slowly moving north.  But I’m hearing things about a blizzard in northern Minnesota???  We’ll wait another week before we cross that border.  It’s even supposed to be in the freezing temps right here over the weekend.

No pictures and nothing to blog about today.  We’re finding campgrounds around here are closed for the season, and won’t open until April 15.  But just because they say they are closed doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t camp there.  Last night we stayed at a private campground in Hannibal that was closed.  There was someone in the office and they were happy to take our money.  We were the only ones in the campground.  Then again tonite, we are in a state park that is not yet open for the season, but we can still pay discounted off-season rates.  There are two other campers here in the park with us tonight.

We are in Wakonda State Park.  It used to be a big gravel pit.  The gravel excavation left the park with six lakes.  So now it’s a popular fishing place as well as a popular spot for annual waterfowl migrations.  There are several Canada geese here and some ducks now.

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