Lobster Landing

Lobster Landing
Today we just drove around the surrounding communities and along the CT shoreline some more.  We saw in one of the tourist magazines about this little place called Lobster Landing that was supposed to be an iconic spot for an authentic Connecticut experience.  The menu is very limited, i.e., Lobster Rolls.
Lobster cages drying in the sun
After checking the Internet for restaurant reviews we learned that this has a top rating, so we thought we should go for it.  I cannot tell you how it smells when we first got there..um..not delicious.  It is, after all, a fishing dock and marina.  Inside the shack is a bit daunting, but remember it has been there a long long time and everything is aged.  Towards the back there were two large tanks filled with fresh caught lobsters and behind the counter were two young men cleaning and chopping up the critters.  The sign on the wall said the lobster meat was $45/lb.  We went back outside.
Deck with a view

There is a tent near by where the food is sold, so we ordered our $15 lobster roll and chose a table on the deck with a view of the harbor.  We didn’t even notice the smell any more.  The sandwich was just as described in the reviews, juicy and buttery, and the smoky flavor from the grilled soft roll (it looked burnt, but didn’t taste burnt).  It was good.

$15 Lobster Roll


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