New York

The first thing we saw on the road early this morning was the remains of a car transport and it’s load of (I think) 8 cars all burned up on the side of the road.  Crews were cleaning up the mess and directing traffic.  It must have just happened during the night as one lane was closed and traffic was backed up for miles.   Unfortunately no picture as it was in the oncoming lane and went by too quickly for me to get the shot.

It rained all the rest of the day until we stopped for the night, then it quit.  The forecast for tonight is for a hard freeze that will put an end to the growing season.  Maybe even some snow.  We’ll see in the morning.

Marble Looking Out Window
Marble has been a very good passenger, staying on the bed all day long and sometimes looking out the window.  She’s really not too interested in what’s going on outside.
We are now just east of Buffalo, NY.  Tomorrow we will find my friend, Cindy, and have a visit with her for a while.
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