Snow Storm

The Beginning

 Lucky us.  There was a major snow storm in the northeast United States.  We were right in the middle of it.  We were ready for 4-7 inches of heavy wet stuff.  It was a bit disappointing in the morning to find not so much.  We scraped the snow off the car and head out on the road again.

Line for Gas
We kept hearing news reports of how much snow was around.  Some areas really got it bad.  There were loads of trees down and many towns without power.  We are seeing reports of school closings for Monday, not because of slippery roads or visibility, but because of no electricity.

Gas for Generators

Some of the Travel Plaza’s along the I-90 Tollway had electricity, while the surrounding towns had none so the locals were lining up out here to buy their gas for their cars and for their generators.
Because the RV parks and campgrounds are closed for the season around here it is getting difficult to find a place to get water to fill our supply tank and we are running low on propane.   The propane we should be able to find tomorrow if there is any left!!  We stopped at a few propane suppliers and they had lines of people exchanging or filling their little tanks.  

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