Quiet Day

I try to blog at least SOMETHING every day.  Today is a challenge.  Teresa is busy with classes and homework today so we won’t be seeing her. When we arrived last Tuesday we got the best price by paying a weekly rate, so we are paid up thru tonight and will leave first thing tomorrow morning.

Bernie tinkered around in the “basement” of the RV looking for a leak we believe we have.  Sometimes we can hear our water pump activate when we haven’t even used any for a while, it is suspicious.  He found a Winnebago Itasca RV dealer/service provider south of here, in Delaware, but the earliest appointment we could get isn’t until December 1.  If we can figure out where the leak is maybe we can just fix it ourselves.

The RV park where we are is called River Dale Farm Campsites.  There is a barn here and some horses.  It’s a beautiful sunny day and we walked around the park and went over to see the horses.

Then back to the RV to tidy up and prepare some food for the rest of the week since we don’t know where we will be staying or what we will be doing for the next several days.  I cooked some Minnesota wild rice in the crock pot :). 

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