We Moved!

It was time to wash clothes again but the laundry facility at the park was closed for the season so we drove in to North East to find a coin laundry.  Don’t say it….I know this isn’t one of my most interesting blogs!!  By the time we finished with that it was lunch time and, gee whiz, Woody’s Crab House was just down the street.  🙂  
$2 wash and $.25 for 6 minutes dry
 After enjoying another one of those best crab cakes ever we headed back to the park to pack up.  Time to move on.  We went north, back over the big Delaware Bridge and into New Jersey.  We’re making our way back to Connecticut for Thanksgiving. 

Delaware Bridge
RV parks and campgrounds are closed for the season in this direction so we have to find alternate places to park.  We do have a plan.  Tonite we are staying in a Walmart parking lot.  I’m so glad they allow us to do this, they are everywhere and mostly along the major roads and best of all FREE. 

The man on the radio today was talking about how many people are traveling for the holiday and cautioned everyone to prepare for traffic jams by packing food and water.  Ugh… New York City is between where we are and where we want to be.  I HOPE we don’t get into any traffic like that!
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