Back to New Jersey

After breakfast this morning we went to Teresa’s to retrieve Marble and headed back south to where we had left the motor home in New Jersey.  Marble has adjusted to travel and has no problem riding in the way back of the car. She didn’t appear stressed but did not leave the cat carrier.
Marble in the Trunk
We were amused by the attempt to disguise a few of the cell phone towers as big trees.  Other than that the ride home was uneventful.
Cell Phone Tower/Tree
I collect smashed penny’s as souvenirs when we travel.  It’s way cheaper than buying coffee mugs.  I found this one at a rest area in New York.
World Trade Center, New York

My Smashed Penny Collection
We had left our motor home in the parking lot of a Camping World store in New Jersey while we had gone to Connecticut with the car.  We’ll spend the night in it tonight and leave tomorrow morning.  Another motor home just drove up and parked beside us a few minutes ago.
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