Tybee Island

I took 70 pictures today, so it took me a while to decide which ones to put in the blog.  The first thing we did was drive the car out to Tybee Island, not far from Savannah, and check that out.  One of the lighthouses there is Tybee Island Light Station.  It’s been around since the 1700’s and is a museum now.
Tybee Island Light Station
 I was just thinking we have driven all along the eastern side of the US and had not really seen the Atlantic Ocean, other than Long Island Sound, but that doesn’t count.  So there it is, we saw it now.  There is a huge beach on this island and is a hot spot in the summer, but nearly totally empty today.
Atlantic Ocean
 On the way back from Tybee Island we drove past Uncle Bubba’s Restaurant.  If you haven’t heard of it, it’s one of Paula Dean’s and her brother’s restaurant.  Since we had just eaten lunch on Tybee Island we couldn’t eat again, but we did stop to have a look around and visit the gift shop inside.
Uncle Bubba’s Restaurant
Behind Uncle Bubba’s is an interesting view.  There is a large marsh with houses lining it, and each house had a really long boardwalk out to where their boats were docked.
View Behind Uncle Bubba’s
 When we got back to Savannah we parked the car and walked around one of the Historic Districts.  The homes and buildings are very interesting and very pretty.
In the Historic District of Savannah
We found the Occupy Savannah in one of the parks.  No tents, just a few people and a lot of signs.
Occupy Savannah
 And then we drove out to the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge and drove through their wetlands.  We did see a gator!  I took a picture, it’s dark, but he’s in there.
Our First Gator Sighting
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