Gulf Beach Boulevard

The campground filled up with motor homes overnight, such a contrast to what we have experienced so far this whole trip.  But it is to be expected, the snowbirds can’t get any further south than this unless they go to Florida to the east or Texas to the west.  
Gulf Islands National Seashore Campground
We didn’t need to check out until noon, so we took the car for a little sight seeing before we left.  We drove up and down Beach Boulevard that goes all along the Gulf of Mexico beaches.  No people were on the beaches today, it was just too cold.  We were looking to see if anything had changed from last year when we were here, and nothing did as far as we could tell.  You can still see evidence of Hurricane Katrina from 2005. 
Beach Boulevard
This small lighthouse is Biloxi, Mississippi’s, signature landmark and one of the most photographed sites on the Gulf Coast.  It’s made of cast iron and was built in 1848.  It’s right in the median between the eastbound and westbound lanes.  They had the top decorated for Christmas. 
Historic Lighthouse
As we were leaving the area we noticed this landmark on the side of the overpass of Interstate 10.  A sign with a line on it that says Katrina High Water Level 2005.
Katrina High Water Level 2005
We only drove about 135 miles today, landing in a Walmart parking lot somewhere not too far from Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  We are headed for Mesa, Arizona.  Only 1,500 miles to go.
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