We left Van Horn, Texas, early this morning and headed west again, still on Interstate 10.  Texas just goes on and on, and there’s nothing to see, no trees, no houses.  Finally we crossed the state line into New Mexico.  Now we’re closer to the Mexico border and we are beginning to see Border Patrol people.  Everyone had to stop at this check station.  They’re building a new on right beside it.  I took a picture of all the cameras and sniffers and equipment they had on the shoulder.  They just waved us through without stopping.
Sniffers and Cameras
 El Paso is much bigger than I thought it was.  It goes on for miles, not many tall buildings.  At one point I-10  parallels the Mexico border, you can see the border fence and the city of Juarez, Mexico, on the other side of it.

Behind the train cars is the border fence and the city of Juarez, Mexico.
 Then into New Mexico.  Some of the first things we see are huge dairy operations, one after another.  It’s a good thing you can’t smell this.
Big dairy operations on the other side of the road
Finally, we got to Wilcox, Arizona.  There is an RV park there that we had parked in last year.  It was clean, level, nice view, full hook-ups, hardly anyone there, and best of all, with our Passport America discount….cheap!  There will be free waffles and coffee in the morning.
Tonight’s View
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