Desert Botanical Garden

Today Bernie and I, along with my sister, Diane, and her husband, Paul, visited the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix.  They currently have on display giant insect sculptures “David Rogers’ Big Bugs“.   We followed a tour guide for the first 30 minutes and learned a lot about the different cacti and plants there.  Another blue sky sunshine day.  It was great.
Praying Mantis

 While at the garden we saw some friendly quail looking for a handout.  There were also some birds, squirrels, chipmunks, and bunnies around.

Walking on the Desert Loop Trail

Saguaro Cactus
Joshua Tree

Boojum Tree.  I like this, it does not branch out.
We spent several hours there before returning to Towerpoint Resort for dinner.  We went to a nearby restaurant named Taylor Ray’s.  It usually has very good food but tonight the “all you can eat” fish fry was a big fail.  I sent back my dinner three times before giving up entirely.  Oh well, it was a good day spent with family.
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