Anthem, Arizona

 We said goodbye for now to Shirley at Towerpoint and went north to a small RV resort near Anthem, Arizona.  Our cousins are there and they were able to save the spot beside their RV for ours.  It was good to see them again as it’s been a while.
Our RV next to Susan & Wally’s RV.
 After catching up we went for a stroll around the resort.  We saw this beautiful shrub covered in red berries and had to take a picture, I have no idea what it is.
Red Berries
For dinner we went to the Road Runner restaurant.  It was all you can eat fish fry.  I just had to “make it right” after the disaster of a fish dinner I didn’t eat on Wednesday.  This fish was much better, so I’m happy now.  The large “Roadrunner” sign you see on the roof was left behind by a movie company after filming “Beyond The Law” (1993) starring Charlie Sheen.

Road Runner Restaurant
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