Glendale, Arizona

Happy New Year!
We walked the dogs with Susan and Wally again this morning.  Moko and Mya are sweet little doggies.

Moko and Mya
Wally told us about this German restaurant in Glendale they knew of that was having a German buffet for lunch so we decided to go there and check it out.  Something new for us, the food was good, and we stuffed ourselves.  We had to walk it off, so we walked around the town.  We found the town’s Christmas tree and see that it was decorated with hand made ornaments made by the local children to commemorate Arizona’s Centennial.
Glendale Tree
More walking.  There was a statue I liked.  It’s Sam Stout, one of the Territorial Sheriffs.  Territorial Sheriffs and Arizona Rangers served Arizona in the early 1900’s helping preserve the peace, making the frontier a better place to live.  This sculpture symbolizes the fearless courage and moral strength our peace officers have always strived to achieve, both then and now.
Sam Stout
It just kept getting warmer and warmer.   A bank sign said it was 82F.  My iPhone app says it was “only” 80F.  I think it’s a little bit colder than that back at home in Minnesota.

Later, we were discussing motor homes and travels; we discussed driving to Hawaii.  I guess it MIGHT really be possible! haha.. I found this picture on the Internet:

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  1. Bonnie says:

    I saw a program on the travel channel yesterday about the floating RV. It only cost 1.2 MILLION dollars! Nice to see that you are having a great time!


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