Prescott and Jerome

 It’s hard to know how to dress in Arizona.  80’s on Sunday and frost on the car this morning.  We grabbed our jackets and headed out to explore the area around Prescott and Jerome.

Our first stop was at the Sharlot Hall Museum in Prescott.  Sharlot Hall was a Territorial Historian and had a passion to preserve Arizona frontier life and the Territorial Governor’s Mansion.  The mansion is only one of several historic buildings on the grounds.   We spent more time there than we intended to.  We grabbed a quick lunch in a local diner and hit the road again.

At the Sharlot Hall Museum in Prescott.
The drive from Prescott to Jerome is incredible.  It’s a well paved but windy mountain road that takes you up into the snow elevation and has spectacular views.
At Prescott

Snow in the Mountains
Well up into the mountains is the little fascinating little town of Jerome.  It used to be a copper mining town.  It has a very interesting history.  It went from about 15,000 inhabitants to being a ghost town and now it is a National Historic Landmark and a thriving community of writers, artists, musicians, historians and such.  Because we spent too much time at Prescott now we had to boogie so as not to be driving down mountain roads in the dark.  We would have liked to have stayed longer and explored it more.  Oh well, maybe next time.
Awesome view going down the mountain from Jerome.
We made it back to the RV just after dark, then went over to the Cliff Castle Casino across the street and had dinner.
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