Return to Mesa

Our time is up at Distant Drums RV Park and we’re too tight to want to pay full price for another day.  So, where to next?  Southwest Phoenix (Quartzite and Yuma) might be our next destination before heading into California.  I would like to see the RV show in Quartzite but that doesn’t start for a week or so.  So, we decided to return to Mesa and hang out there while we wait.
We are members of Passport America, which allows us half price at member RV parks.  Towerpoint Resort, where we were last week, gave us the discount at that time, but they don’t honor it during January, February, or March.  However, the resort next door does!  So we will be at Mesa Regal RV Resort for 7 nights (the limit for the discount) at half price. 🙂
At Towerpoint each lot had a palm tree, but here at Mesa Regal everyone gets a fruit tree.  We have a little grapefruit tree.
Mesa Regal RV Resort
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