Fountain Hills

Today we went to Fountain Hills, north of Mesa, to get a look at this big fountain we heard about.  It spews forth once an hour reaching a height of 330 feet.  On special occasions, the fountain can attain 560 feet.  Even though I was there today apparently they did not feel it was a special enough occasion as it did not appear to be 560 feet to me.

The Fountain at Fountain Hills
 After watching the fountain do it’s thing we drove around the town to explore a bit and found this junk horse statue in a shopping center parking lot.  It was rather interesting and filled with junk, from a washing machine to a car bumper and kitchen appliances.
Junk Horse Statue

Some of the Junk
 Also, in the parking lot of a nearby restaurant we saw the beginnings of a car show.   It wasn’t to officially begin for an hour yet, and we didn’t feel like sitting around and waiting for it, so we left. 
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