We popped over to Towerpoint to say “bye for now” to Shirley before we left Mesa Regal RV Resort.  When I went to the office to tell them we were leaving I saw they were having their big flea market event, so I took some time to run through that before leaving.
We headed west on I-10 which goes directly to Quartzsite.  We had thought about going to Wickenberg, but decided that was out of the way and we’ll get there another time.  We took our time driving, traffic wasn’t too bad once we got out of the Phoenix area.  There were a few rest areas along the way that we stopped at, and chatted with other RVers also heading for Quartzsite.
Bureau of Land Management free camping area at Quartzsite
We checked in with the campground host before seeking out a spot in the desert.  By the time we finished chatting with them about solar panels and other RV accessories it was getting late in the afternoon.  We found a spot and got set up, unhooked the car, and went for a drive in to town to see what was happening.  Ugh… we should have waited until tomorrow as the sun was so bright and so low it was in our eyes so bad we couldn’t see things and it gave me a headache.  We’ll go look again in the morning.
On thing I discovered….the Quartzsite schedule of events paper that I had picked up at a visitor center somewhere last week was actually for the 2009-2010 winter!!  I didn’t see the dates!  So we’re actually here earlier than we had intended.  However, there is still a lot going on in the area so we’ll have things to see and do.  The big Sports Vacation & RV Show doesn’t actually begin until the 21st so we might miss that.  But that’s ok too.
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