Zoo and Beach

We went to the San Diego Zoo today.  What a nice zoo.  It didn’t really seem any bigger than the Minnesota Zoo but it crammed more to see and do in that space.  It is almost 100 years old.
hahaha, don’t get too close to the lions.
We saw this small film crew making a movie.  Bernie asked them what they were doing and they said something about Dianetics, but it didn’t make much sense to us.  The name on the truck said Golden Era Productions, which is run by the Church or Scientology.  So wasn’t a blockbuster movie in production after all.
Movie in the Making
 We found this old suspension footbridge and stopped to walk across it and take some pictures.  It goes over beautiful deep ravine.  The bridge was built in 1912, and is an historic landmark.
Not far from our RV park is a hot spot for San Diego.  Mission Beach Boardwalk, a recreational paradise.  It’s a huge beautiful sandy beach with boardwalk lined vacation homes.  The “boardwalk” has been replaced with pavement now, but it’s still a popular spot for bicycles, skateboarders, joggers, walkers, etc.  It looked like it went on for a couple of miles. Of course, it wasn’t very busy today as it was a work day and a school day and the weather was a little cool.
Mission Beach “Boardwalk”
 Gas is expensive in California!
California Gas Prices
You Just Never Know!  
Be Prepared
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