South Carlsbad State Beach

Our discount period has ended at Mission Bay RV Park in San Diego, so we decided to move on up the shore.  San Diego is awesome, I’m looking forward to being there again.
We didn’t go far, maybe only 25 miles north, along the shore.  We’re at South Carlsbad State Beach.  It’s along a bluff overlooking the ocean.  
Carlsbad State Beach Campground
 Close to our campsite are the steps going down the bluff to the beach.  We went down for a walk.  There were about 20 people out surfing today.
Down To The Beach
 This beach has been described as “cobble beach” because the sand periodically buries the natural seawall of cobblestones for long periods of time.  It was covered with the stones today.  I thought it was cool how when the waves rolled in it would roll the rocks around and they would knock in to each other and make a lot of noise, like tipping a giant box of rocks.
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  1. Tabitha says:

    So awesome to be able to travel!


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