Super Bowl Sunday

We went to San Bernardino today to check out the casino there and see if they had free RV parking for us and to spend the $20 in slot play coupons we got from the California Visitor Center.  We didn’t think they were very RV friendly like other casino’s have been so we won’t be moving there.  We did go into the casino and played slot machines for about 20 minutes, then left with $30 more than we went in with and two    free hats, so that was good.
Before we left town we went to the downtown area just for kicks.  It’s Sunday, and hardly anyone was around.  We found the Cruisin’ Hall of Fame wall in a parking lot by City Hall.  It was painted with a long map of Route 66.  Every year since 1995, plaques have been added to honor those who “have made a major difference to the uniquely American automotive cruising era.”
Cruisin’ Hall of Fame
 Across the street from that was what used to be the local mall.   Now it’s a ghost mall.  It was nearly 100 percent empty, and only a security guard walking around alone.  The few stores that were left were going out of business.  We learned the downtown mall has failed for various reasons and a new plan is in place for something else to be built there some day.

Carousel Mall
Then back to the RV to watch the Super Bowl on TV.
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