Yucca Valley

It was nice having civilization and full hookups at the RV resort in Twentynine Palms but at $35 a night we thought we should move on.  Before we left we had a look around the town.  They have a lot of really nice murals on several of the downtown buildings.  This one is my favorite..it looked so real… a mural of a man painting a mural!  Love it!  Even the stone wall sections (see the bird?) on the left and on the right are part of the painting but look three dimensional, don’t they?

Mural of a man painting a mural
It is expensive in California.  Gas is around $4 here, while only around $3.39 at home.
$4.05 credit card  /  $3.95 cash price
And when you buy any beverage at the store they charge you a CRV (California Redemption Value) fee.  But you can get that back when you turn in your bottles and cans at a redemption center
Sales tax can be any where from 7.25% to 9.25%, the highest in the country.
CRV fee $1.20 (taxable!)
7.750% Sales Tax
We are parked in a Walmart lot in Yucca Valley tonight, only about 15 miles from where we were last night, but, hey, it’s free.  Tomorrow we will drive through more desert and mountains, no towns, to Sequoia National Park.  Don’t be surprised if there is no blog tomorrow, we may not have Internet or cell phone service for a while again.
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