Pahrump and Shoshone

We’re in Pahrump, Nevada, a small town just across the CA/NV border, close to Las Vegas, filled with RV Parks, Casinos, and Strip Clubs.   We’re staying at Terrible’s Lakeside Casino RV Resort for a few nights.
Our field trip today was to the even smaller town of Shoshone,California, about 20 miles away.  It’s another old mining town trying to promote it’s historic value.  Our first stop was at the Shoshone Museum/Visitor Center–open every day of the week except Tuesday (today).  This used to be the general store and gas station around 1920. Out front were some old gas pumps showing the price of $.44 per gallon, and an old Chevy with 1937 license plates.  They say they have skeletal remains of a mammoth in there.
Shoshone Museum and Visitor Center
 Since the Visitor Center was closed we walked next door to the Crowbar Cafe & Saloon for a sack.  The waitress gave us a paper showing the walking tour points of interest.
Drilling Contests were a popular part of the old “Amargosa Days.”  Miners competed in “jackleg” drilling contests by drilling holes for dynamite in these rocks.  There were a few of these around town.
Rock with Drill Holes
The most interesting thing, and what drew us to this town, were the Dublin Caves.  During the 1900’s through the 1960’s many people famous in the history of Death Valley, including Death Valley Scotty, carved out dwellings in the clay embankments.  Some caves have split levels, stovepipes, and garages.  No one has lived in “Dublin Gulch” since 1970.
Some of the cave homes in Dublin Gulch
Then back to Pahrump for the rest of the day.
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