Freemont Street and More

The other years we were to Las Vegas we visited “the strip” but never did get to Freemont Street Experience, which is pretty cool too.  On our way there we stopped to take a picture of a crazy building.
Cleveland Clinic
Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health
We did not eat at the Heart Attack Grill, but saw it from the outside.  See the ambulance sitting out front?  The customers all wear hospital gowns while they eat.  The menu us scary!
Heart Attack Grill
over 350 lbs eats free
“Come Party in the Pint”
World’s Largest Pint Glass
Hennessey’s Tavern
Under the Canopy
Mini Elvis!
And so much more.
That was last night.  
Today we drove around the Lake Mead area and explored a very nice marina.  You can rent houseboats here.  It’s been too cold and too windy, so they weren’t doing much business today.
Houseboat rentals
Big horn sheep watching us.
 We walked an old railroad bed trail that took us where the train used to deliver supplies to the Hoover Dam.  It’s a three mile trail which takes you around the mountains and through five tunnels and by some beautiful scenery overlooking Lake Mead.
Old Railroad Tunnel
 I had to stop and take a picture of this fence that lines both sides of the roads in the Lake Mead area.  It’s only two feet high, so we were curious as to it’s purpose.  It’s to keep the desert turtles off the roads.
Turtle Fence
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