Full Moon Outing

Our neighbors from Minnesota have bought a home in Mesa and they have very kindly allowed us to park in their back yard for a few days.  Thank you Mike and Bobbie!

Our Rig in the Back Yard
First thing this morning was to attend the monthly Hutchinson Snowbirds breakfast at the Old Country Buffet.  This time there were about 40 people there.  This was the last breakfast for this year, the next will be in January 2013. 
 This neighborhood where Mike and Bobbie live has several other people from Hutchinson, Minnesota, and they and some others have become a close knit group.  They had planned an outing in the desert by Superstition Mountain to watch the sun set in the west and the full moon rise in the east, along with a bonfire, food, and fellowship.  We joined the group and had a great time.  What a beautiful night it was.
A Night Out by Superstition Mountain
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