Camp Verde, Tuesday

We spent last night at Distant Drums RV Park, refreshed all our tanks, and enjoyed having electricity and TV Cable.  It’s a nice park, we were here earlier this winter, and will probably return again the next time we are in this area.  But for now we want to save some money so we left this morning and moved to the other side of the freeway where there is a small casino that will allow one overnight RV parking for free.
We drove to nearby Cornville (funny name for a desert town) and had lunch with a friend of mine from Minnesota who is wintering in Sedona.  It was great to see her again.
Then back to the casino.  We found a hiking trail and hiked the desert for a short time and went into the casino to look around, but did not gamble.
More RVs have moved into the parking lot by us, now there are 6 more here.
I tried to upload more pictures for today’s blog but got another notice that my photo storage is full.  I could upgrade but I don’t want to pay and don’t want to give them my credit card number.  For now I will have to delete old pictures before I can add new ones. 😦  I don’t want to do that.  I’ll be looking for a new blog program for next year’s blog.
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