Stonehenge and Frost

There’s another Stonehenge here.  This one claims to be authentic and does not look at all like it’s namesake.  This one looks more like stacks of rocks made into chambers, walls and ceremonial meeting places.  It is most likely the oldest man-made construction in the United States, claiming to be over 4000 years old.  It has been determined that this is an accurate astronomical calendar.

America’s Stonehenge

There is a trail that takes you through the woods to various points where large rocks have been positioned to line up with the sunrise, sunset, Winter Solstice, Summer Solstice, and much more.

Part of the Astronomical Calendar

We were getting eaten up by mosquitoes, something we knew would happen when we saw the complimentary mosquito spray on a stand at the beginning of the trail.

There are Alpaca’s here too.

Alpaca Habitat

Our next stop was at the Robert Frost Farm.  He lived here from 1900-1911.  Much of the poetry he wrote was influenced by memories from this time and place.

The Robert Frost Farm

We haven’t quite recovered from the Franklin Pierce tour so we elected not to take the $5 tour to see another old house.  But there was a self-guided walking trail around the woods in the back that was free so we did that.

By that time we were pretty hungry so we stopped for a late lunch at Windham Junction, a Country Gift Shop & Kitchen.  Very good food.

Windham Junction

Inside Windham Junction. I love how all the antique table sets are different. It was mid afternoon, so we were the only customers at this moment.

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