Ocean Park

We did a little exploring this morning and came across this dock filled with lobster traps.  There was a restaurant right there too, but it was too early and they weren’t open.

Lobster Traps

Restaurant Decor. Notice the boat on the roof.

Whoopie Pie

I’ve been seeing these chocolate sandwich things in stores and restaurants all over the New England area.  They are Whoopie Pies.   They are more like chocolate cake than a cookie, and filled with white fluffy frosting.  This one was delicious!  Very chocolaty.  They are Maine’s official state treat, not to be confused with Maine’s official state dessert, which is Blueberry Pie.  I’ll have to look into that soon.

School Bus Demolition Derby!

I would LOVE to go see a school bus demolition derby!  But this is back in New Hampshire, not the direction we planned to go.  We’ll have to see where we are on Friday and then decide.  It would make for some awesome pictures!

Ocean Park Beach

We found our friend, Peter, who lives in Ocean Park, Maine, and the three of us walked the few blocks from his house to the beach.  Last week this beach was packed with thousands of people.  Peter said this was the best time to visit this area as this is a big tourist hot spot and the summer tourists are gone now and the “leaf people” are not here yet.  However there are some “white panthers” who stay year round.  Then Peter showed us around town to see some “lobsters and mobsters”.

Clambake Seafood Restaurant

We stopped for lunch at the Clambake Seafood Restaurant.  This is a very large restaurant, and set up to efficiently feed hundreds of people.  It was nearly empty when we got there, a lull in business between the summer people and the leaf people.  Good food.

Rocky Shore

Peter is a professional photographer and he took us to some of the places he likes to shoot.  I like how the rocks in this picture look like petrified wood.

Ft. Williams Portland Head Light

Portland Breakwater Light

Celebrity Cruise Ship

We were enjoying watching the little sailboats running around in circles in sailing school when this big cruise ship left port and headed out.

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1 Response to Ocean Park

  1. As a native, I can say without question that the Whoopie Pie is one of the greatest inventions of all time. if you are still up there in a month find a pumpkin one – you will freak out!


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