Leafing White Mountains

While we didn’t see and do everything there is to see and do in the White Mountains area we thought it was time to hit the road again.  Maybe it was the weather, maybe it was that we have been parked in the same spot for an entire week–longer than we ever stay in any one spot, who knows; the road was calling us.

So, we packed up, dumped our dirty water tanks and filled up the clean water tank, brushed the leaves and pine needles off and hit the road.

Leaving The White Mountains Area

Rain and fog accompanied us as we drove down the mountain.  This has been an awesome stay, I only wish the sun had been out.  We need to come back next year and do this again.

We stopped at a rest area / information center about a half hour later.  When we returned to the RV we found that water was pouring out of our fresh water tank and onto the ground.  Our 60 gallon fresh water tank was almost empty!!  It must have been pouring out onto the ground for the last several miles, but we never noticed because of the rain and splatter of the wet roads.  The water was flowing out of the overflow pipe.  After a few minutes it stopped and we were on our way again, not knowing why this happened.   We can only guess that perhaps it was the difference in air pressure from the mountains to the valley that pushed the water out??  But almost all of it??  We’ll have to keep an eye on it.

We’re staying in a Walmart parking lot tonight because, well, free is good.  Although, we did go in and spend $50 on groceries and supplies.

There is a state park near here that we went to check out.  They had a very nice RV park with all hookups and even cable TV, but it was $47 per night.  We’ll go with free for now… although we do need water!

We need to start thinking harder about where we stay from now on as most of the RV parks close down for the season after this weekend.

Our gas expense today was $90.  $3.79/gallon.

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