Sunshine and Apples

The sun came out today!  It’s about time!  Bernie and I went for a walk first thing this morning to enjoy the sunshine before it vanished again.  Not far from where we are camped is The Old Allenstown Meeting House.  This 200-year-old building is listed on the State and National Register of Historic Places.

There was a man working near the building, he was the president of the Allenstown Historical Society and had the key to the locked building and let us in to see it and gave us a little history about it.

This building is unusual because it has sloping floors toward the center of the room and original pew holder’s names have been preserved.

Old Allenstown Meetinghouse Circa 1815

An arsonist tried to burn it down in 1985 and did significant damage, which has now been repaired.  Why do people do that??

Old Allenstown Meetinghouse Circa 1815

Then we and Bob and Bobbi went out for lunch and then to visit the Carter Hill Apple Orchard.

Picking Apples With Friends

Bird Watchers

At one edge of the apple orchard was a deck with several people with cameras and binoculars.  We heard them shouting and getting excited.  Who knew bird watching was so exciting.  They were spotting eagles and hawks.

Home Sweet Home Again

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